Monday, June 2, 2014

Everyone is in their new homes and doing great!!

I just love this picture of Louie... 
don't you just wonder what he is thinking :) 


Louie on vacation... 

Tuck and his "puppy brother" Louie  :)  Love the baby picture of Tuck in the background :)

Kristoff is now Pongo and living the good life with his new family Nino, Brittany & Aubrey in Elizabeth City. 
What a lucky little guy : )
Pongo (Kristoff)

Elsa is not Roxy and living the good life in Rock Hill, SC with Andrea. Roxy is very excited to have a couple horses to play with. We may see Road Trials in her future... : ) 

Anna is now Maya and will be staying here with her Mama Breeze. She is a sweetie :)