Monday, May 12, 2014

New homes... ready, set, here we come

Two puppies left us this past Saturday...
We are so lucky to have such great homes.

Olaf is now Louie and lives with Tuck (from Breeze & Bravo)Jennifer & Gavin Bowie in Richmond, VA. What a lucky little fellow he is! Can't wait to see him growing up with Tuck. You have some big paws to fill Louie :)

Breeze posing for a family photo with her boys... Tuck & Louie

Louie is taking over... making himself right at home

Tuck likes playing with his new "Puppy brother" Louie

Arendelle is now Ember and lives in Bethesda, Maryland with the Hayes family. She is one lucky little girl, even has her own Parrot named Cutie. Ember is a lot like her mama Breeze, cool as a cucumber and seems to take everything in stride. 

We even received a Mother's Day card from Ember & Cutie
So much fun at my new house but I need a nap...