Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lots of new things going on in our life...

Puppies got a new addition to their home... We got to spread out a bit and had more room for playing and our toys. We only had this set up for a couple days and Saturday is our big moving day. We left the family room for the dining room. We have lots more room, with lots of new sounds and getting to see some of our family members walking around looking at us. We have a new cd playing with lots of cool sounds, airport sounds, trains, kennel sounds(as if we needed this one), fireworks, thunderstorms, ducks, geese, sheep, vacum (as if we needed this one), babies crying, lawn mowers etc. We actually sleep through most of them, doesn't bother us at all : )

The 3rd week puppies are being exposed to sudden loud noises when fear has not yet developed. The startle response should be encouraged so that the pup will startle and then return to normal on its own- something it must be able to do throughout its life.

We are now having cereal with our goats milk and it's so good! 
Life is GOOD!

Here is our 1st addition in the living room...

The Real Moving Day... here we go
We have lots of room to play and sometimes we get to venture out into the kitchen.  We still sleep, kitchen noise and all the extra traffic does not bother us one bit. We just love to sleep.

Mama still keep a watchful eye and she can still jump in the box to let us nurse and to play with us. She is the best!

OUCH that's my tail